RBLI has assembled a dynamic team of transportation specialists that is experienced, knowledgeable, and highly motivated to move freight quickly and efficiently.  

Patrick Rolls
229-496-1710 x 402

Rolls Brothers Logistics, Inc. founder, Patrick Rolls, has 25+ years of experience in the trucking industry, starting from the ground up. This first-hand knowledge exposed him the strengths and weaknesses in the field of commercial transporting. Patrick has extensive experience as a freight manager. After working in every aspect of trucking and freight, he was fueled to build a logistics company that serves the customers, the drivers, and the internal infrastructure better than any of their competitors.

Our Team

Stephanie Rolls
229-496-1710 X 403
Jarrod Nelms
Director of Operations
229-496-1710 X 405
Roy Rolls
Asset Manager
229-496-1710 X401
Dana Rolls
Dispatch Manager
229-496-1710 X 400
Blake Rolls
Drayage Department
229-496-1710 X 410
Torie Randall
Freight Dispatch
229-496-1710 X 406
Tami Shanahan
Drayage Manager
229-496-1710 X 404

Why drive with us

Our truck drivers are the lifeblood of the transportation industry. We treat them with the respect they deserve. We invest in our drivers so they can build a lifelong career with RBLI. Drive with us!

3007 North Slappey Blvd Albany, Georgia 31701

South Truck Yard

1107 Centennial Ave
Albany, Georgia 31707
229-496-1710 (24/7)

Asset Division

MC# 918119
DOT# 2636263

Brokerage Division

MC# 974767
DOT# 2898912